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Original Peru

Paddington Bear head back home to Peru?

You may not realise it but Paddington is actually from the depths of Peru which is where his aunt (who used to take care of him) is still living to this day.

The character Paddington was first introduced to the world on the 13th October 1958. He was created by Michael Bond who based him on a bear that he spotted in Paddington station. This is of course where he got the name from and the reason he is named that in the book is exactly the same. Believe it or not some of Browns memories are thrown into the book with Paddingtons label stating "wanted on voyage" a memory of the WW2 evacuees.

Paddington had managed to stow away on a life boat where his only food was marmalade, he had than stowed away even further onto a train that took him into London. According to Paddington, Bears love marmalade and when it is in sandwiches he simply adores the stuff.

Paddington is a very polite and friendly bear and the only time he does get angry is if someone is rude to him in which he replies with a hard stare.

Still to this day there are so many copies of the books shifting out. Paddington has starred in many television series with a film on the way. If anyone remembers the movie Scooby Doo with the live action cast then this is what the Paddington film is going to be like?

Paddington is now to seen to like marmite over marmalade thanks to the recent Marmite adverts.

Peru which of course is where he is from is actually a really nice place to visit on holiday and is a lot better than the busy London streets and going on one of those Galapagos Cruises could be something for you.

When going on a Galapagos holiday you could even have the chance to spot a real life Paddington as he is based on the spectacled bear that lives there. Of course self drive holidays are also an option when travelling to Peru.

Original Peru
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